10 Signs You’re An Austenite

Here are 10 signs you’re a true Austenite, winner of the biggest Jane Austen Fan award and true admirer her regency masterpieces!

1. You take being called a “handsome woman” as a compliment

After watching and reading so many Austen books your vocabulary has adapted to the wonderful language of Regency England. You appreciate true Austenite compliments such as being a “handsome, accomplished woman.”

2. You categorize suitors as “Wickhams” “Collins” and “Darcies”

It’s a truth universally acknowledged if you’ve encountered too many Wickhams and Collins in the dating world, your Mr. Darcy must be just around the corner.

3. You’ve read all Austen’s books

It may have all started off with Colin Firth’s Mr Darcy, but your Austen obsession has descended into the serious business of actually reading her books.

4. You wish you lived in Regency times despite the bad hygiene.

You day-dream about going back in time to live in Austen’s world. Admittedly you sneak your toothbrush back in time too as part of this Austenite day-dream.

5. You feel elegant in empire waisted dresses instead of pregnant

Yes, in today’s modern society empire waisted dresses live in the maternity section of Target. However, nothing makes you feel nobler than a raised waistline.

6. You have unrealistically high expectations of men

Are all the great men fictional or just trapped a few hundred years back in time? Will we ever know for sure?


7. You think all Austen movie adaptations should be five hours long

The longer the movie, the longer you can live in the rolling hills of the English countryside.

8. You have a book crush on an Austen Hero other than Mr Darcy

Mr. Darcy is great, but you know who else is great? Henry Tilney. Edmund Bertram. Colonel Brandon. The list goes on.

9. You wish country dances would come back in style

You wish you could break a move in a more dignified, structured way where everyone looks equally elegant or ridiculous together.

10. You can’t understand why everyone else doesn’t love Austen as much as you do

Everyone should love Jane Austen. It’s unthinkable not to be an Austenite.

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