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Here are 10 signs you’re a true Austenite, winner of the biggest Jane Austen Fan award and true admirer her regency masterpieces! 1. You take being called a “handsome woman” as a compliment After watching and reading so many Austen books your vocabulary has adapted to the wonderful language of Regency England. You appreciate true…

So today we will be talking about Mr. Collins. *shiver* We all know Mr. Collins. His creepy wave. His penchant for excellent boiled potatoes. The way he’s set to kick Elizabeth Bennet and her sisters out of their house to live in the hedge grove as soon as their dad dies. But wait… why can…

Mr Darcy. *sigh* Even those who have never read or watched Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice recognize his name. Mr Darcy is handsome, dashing—-and world renown for being incredibly rich. But have you ever wondered, why is he so rich? How did he get all that money? After all, it seems like he doesn’t do…

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