Hi! I’m Ellie Dashwood! An illustrator and photographer who lives in beautiful Southern Utah. I love capturing the beauty of the world around us with color and paper. 

A Little Bit About Me

I am a 28-year-old with three adorable cats. I love art, literature and all things beautiful. In my spare time, I love to cook gluten-free, hang out with my friends and family and day-dream about living in the Victorian Era.

Art & Photography

My art career started first with photography. In college, I took a Visual Communication class that covered the basics of photography. It opened my eyes to the possibilities that photography and art could hold. I plunged headlong into professional photography and six years later, I’m still here and love it even more.

After several years of focusing on photography, I went back and took another college class on graphic communication. I fell in love with the basic principles of design quickly. I have loved art, illustration and design ever since.


Dashie Shop

Having been a life long bookworm, I have a Bachelor Degree in English and Mass Communication, experience as a writing tutor and happy memories from my time as the creative director of my college’s literary magazine.

Being completely convinced I should have been born in Jane Austen’s times (though preferably a version of Jane Austen’s times with better dental hygiene, Chipotle burritos, and Amazon two day shipping on all new bonnets), I’ve started the Dashie Shop, where I make artwork inspired the spirit of classic literature.

Make sure to check out my YouTube series DashieNotes where we answer modern day questions about classic literature (Why is Darcy so rich?), visit the DashieShop for awesome bookish gifts and follow me on Instagram @elliedashie for regular updates on all things classic literature and period dramas. 


Hi there



Hi! My name is Ellie Dashwood and I am an artist, illustrator and photographer who lives in beautiful Southern Utah.Welcome to my blog where I post about art, life and literature!

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