BOOK REVIEW: Death in St. Petersburg by Tasha Alexander

Death in St Petersburg by Tasha Alexander Review by Ellie Dashwood

Book Quick Facts

Title: Death in St. Petersburg
Author: Tasha Alexander
Rating: ★★★★★


Mysteries have a way of finding Lady Emily Hardgraves no matter what glittering city of Victorian Europe she finds herself. When she steps out of the warm ballet onto the snowy streets of St. Petersburg, she finds herself face to face with a murdered ballet star and a new purpose for her otherwise pleasure trip to Russia. She must find the dancer’s murderer.

In Death in St. Petersburg, the twelfth book in the Lady Emily Mysteries series, Emily investigates amid a Czarist Russia that has begun to boil with the rebellious ideas that will soon topple the monarchy. Emily crunches through ice to interview ballerinas, revolutionaries and, of course, to stop at a cafe and have coffee with a Prince.

Snow, ballerinas, revolutionaries and princes.

Her entourage stays on hand to help as always. Her dashing husband Colin lends emotional support while he reminds preoccupied with his own work at the Queen’s request. Her friend Cecile helps too, when not busy sipping champagne. Sebastian Capet (from A Poisoned Season) makes his appearances, declaring his love and his latest thefts.

Having read four of the previous Lady Emily mysterious and absolutely adoring them, I was so excited by the chance to read Death In St. Petersburg. Tasha Alexander does not disappoint. Her smooth writing helps her readers sink deep into her comfortable mysterious set in the opulent word that Lady Emily inhabits. I was surprised by some of the back story that developed in between this book and ones I read in the past (Lady Emily has children now), but otherwise, my skipping about seven books has done nothing to significantly alter Emily, Colin, and the cast. I also love the history of Russia and ballet that Alexander weaves into the story that makes reading both enjoyable and educational.

I loved the history weaved into the story.

Recommendation: If you love the Lady Emily series, you need to read Death in St. Petersburg. If you haven’t read the Lady Emily series, you should.

I received this book from the publisher to write this review. This book comes out on October 10, 2017.


Death in St Petersburg by Tasha Alexander Review by Ellie Dashwood

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