Book Review: Reading People by Anne Bogel

Reading People by Anne Bogel Book Review

Title: Reading People
Author: Anne Bogel
Rating: ★★1/2

Personality tests! They’re as old as click-bait on the internet…okay, they’re hundreds of years older than that actually. In Anne Bogel’s Reading People, she goes over some of the best-known personality theory frameworks and from where they come. She also shows how understanding them, and thereby yourself, can be translated into practical application and self-improvement.

Reading People serves a great introductory book to the different frameworks. It does not really delve into any of them in depth, but instead, contains numerous reference to where you can learn more about each one should it spark your interest. She discusses the difference between extroversion and introversion, the Keirsey Temperaments, Myers-Briggs, Enneagrams and much, much more.

If you already know a lot about personality theory, then you may find this book too basic. Often, it left me wishing that it did have greater depth. However, for those who are new to this topic, this book is a wonderfully simple overview. Anne holds the reader’s hand through the confusing jumble of letters that make up types. I really appreciated that she also delves into the cognitive functions behind the Myers-Briggs 16 types, which helps a lot of people clear up their mistyping problems.

And even though I felt very familiar with much of what Anne covered, I did learn things. My favorite chapter was the one that discussed Highly Sensitive People. I had heard that term before, but had never really taken the time to look into it, only to discover that I fit the description exactly.

Anne writes her book as if she’s having a conversation with a friend, sharing personal stories from her life that illustrate the point she is trying to make. Her positive tone helps readers focus on how they can use what they learn to better themselves and their relationships. I loved her last chapter on how we’re all capable of change and growth.

Yet, at the same time, sometimes I wished she would shorten her personal story and get straight to the point of her explanation. Also, her constantly reassuring the reader that understanding personality types is a noble endeavor that will improve their life seemed redundant after a bit.

Recommendation: I would highly recommend this book for anyone absolutely new to the world of personality theories and who wants to understand their basics.

I was super honored to receive this book as part of the Reading People Book launch team. You can pick up your copy of Reading People on Amazon starting September 19,2017.


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