Hi there! I love creating custom works of art. Would you like a to commision a portrait of your family? A special gift for a friend? Or even a mug with your adorable dog on it? I would be happy to help!

Commission Quick Facts

Base Price

I charge a base price of $40 for basic custom designs (such as a quick drawing). Prices increase for more complex artwork involving more than 2 people per people, rendering backgrounds and other details. Please inquire for exact pricing based on your commission. The base price for the design includes the work and materials required to create the artwork. At least one additional product (listed below) must be purchased on top of the base price.

Product Prices in Addition to Base

In addition the $40+ base design price, at least one of the following products must be purchased.

Digital File of Artwork: $20

Mug: $18

T-shirt: $22

Maget: $5

8×10 Print: $10

*More products available! Have something special in mind? Just ask. Bulk product pricing also available.*

Order a Commision Today

Interested in commisioning a custom piece of artwork? I’d love to hear from you!

Copyright Notice

I retain the copyright to all of my artwork, even when it is a commission. This means I have the right to use it in my marketing, on my website and enter it into art competitions. If you purchase the digital file of your commission, you may only use it to make prints for your own personal use. It cannot be sold or used commercially, unless special permission is given.

Details subject to change.

Recent Commissions

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