The Seven Steps of a YouTube Studio Remodel

by Ellie Dashwood on Dec 24, 2021

The Seven Steps of a YouTube Studio Remodel
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Ever since I became a full-time YouTuber last year, I've wanted to remodel my studio. It was an ugly yellow color that ruined all attempts at color correcting. The carpet was hideous and full of allergens. The studio desperately cried for help.

And I am happy to say, it finally got the beautification it needed. 

In fact, I just finished the remodel! And here are the seven steps I took to level up my studio's aesthetic appeal.



When I get stressed out, I either organize, rearrange furniture, or in the case of my last major anxiety attack, start remodeling my studio.

Despite saying for a year that I wanted to remodel, I never did anything about it.

Until a couple months ago when major technical difficulties slammed into my channel. 

The storm lasted one day. 

But in that one day of anxiety attacking, I managed to not eat, overwork, and then go exercising. I literally almost passed out in the street by the end of it. 

Now, this step is not recommended, nor actually necessary in the studio remodeling process. 

But in my case, it was enough to send me in a stress-induced haze to buy paint samples. 

Yes, it gave me that push I needed to take myself and my maladaptive coping techniques down to Home Depot.    

But at least my studio looks better for having weathered the drama.


 The house flipper we bought from painted every room a horrific yellow color. So, the first step to a better studio required painting, painting, and then painting more.


I'm pretty sure my Instagram stories showed painting updates for about a month and a half. Admittedly, Moon Star did a lot of the work when it came to painting. 

But I absolutely love the way it turned out. 

My family teases me that I chose Behr Marquee's "Ginger Sugar" as my main wall color because SUGA is my favorite member of BTS.

I mean, they're not entirely wrong...

But also "Ginger Sugar" has a pretty grey tint with just a hint of warmth that brings the room to life.

I discovered that it's called a "greige" color. As in grey + beige = greige. 

Everyone on earth probably knows that already, but it was news to me. 

Meanwhile, the accent wall proudly wears Behr Marquee's "Grey Mist." Mostly picked because it compliments Ginger Sugar. 

Then Behr's "Cameo White" adds a pop of contrasting brightness on the ceiling and trim.


The ugly brown carpet died a violent death at the hands of the local flooring guys. They came. They tore it all. They made SOOOO much noise. 

Nail guns are loud, guys.

Then they replaced it with the same dark, vinyl planks we've used in other rooms before. I absolutely love the durability and waterproofness of the vinyl. 

Also, when my cats get scared and try to run across it, they sound like old-school DJs scratching vinyl. Which is a bonus.


I wanted my studio to capture my love for literature and for art. To that end, I dreamed of an art wall that could easily evolve over time. Light. Effervescent. Not involving frames that add too much bulk and shiny glass that glares back the reflection of my studio lights. 

And despite this vision, I had no clue how to make this dream come true.

But then I was watching the Korean Drama "A Love So Beautiful" (you can watch it here on Netflix) and the main character's art studio was *so cute.* And she had the art wall I dreamed off! 

Now suitably inspired, I bought these dark wood, magnetic poster hangers on Amazon for statement pieces. I was surprised by how high quality and easy to use they are.

And then I hung up the rest of the art with Japanese washi tape.

For the art itself, most of the pieces come from when I went through my "I want to be a fine art photographer" phase of life. Though one comes from my "digital painter" era. 

(Fun fact: A couple years ago, I cut up two vintage paperbacks and hot glued them together to make the book dress that I'm wearing in some of these photos.)


Did I use my studio remodel as an excuse to buy more books? Yes, yes I did.

But after all, I'm a classic literature YouTuber, so my excuse is kind of valid. Right? Maybe? Possibly?

Anyway, I was able to add a few more Oxford’s World Classic editions to my book collection. They're my "study copies" that I underline with my beloved Frixion erasable pens and put way too many page flags in. 

Also, I bought these beautiful clothbound Penguin Classics editions of the Brontës. Did I rationalize that I needed them for my new studio despite my dislike of buying books just for aesthetics? Yeahhhh. 🙈 

I genuinely do think that buying multiple copies of books just for how they look is a waste of money and space. 

And after I bought them, I kind of regretted it.

But then they got here and they were super pretty...

So I told myself, this time was okay but I don't want to do it again.


While the floor guys were busy doing actual hard labor, I did the arduous and unnecessary work of buying pretty stuff online.

First up, a 5.5ft tall cherry blossom tree.

Since the beginning of my channel, I've had cherry blossom branches behind me in most videos. I got them years ago at Target, and I still 100% love them.

My ultimate dream is to go on a trip to Japan and Korea. But until then, I'm stuck with a fake sakura obsession.

So, when I wanted to spice up my studio with more artificial plant life, I opted to just buy a giant version of my beloved blossoms.

I got my cherry blossom tree from Home Depot. But it also seems like Overstock carries the exact same one. You can buy it online here

Next, a blanket basket. Also known as a blankie baskie.

Fuzzy blankets are fire. 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Literally, they keep me warm in the winter.

To thank them for that great service, I wanted to find them a lovely baskety home. And after searching everywhere online, I finally found one: this beautiful rope basket from Target.

After I saw this basket, no other one could compare. My fuzzy blankets needed it.

Third, friends for my Amazon Echo Dot.

So, my wonderful personal assistant, Alexa, has been turning my studio lamps on and off for a long time.

But, I thought I would get her some new friends by putting my Blue Air Purifier on a smart plug. And it works, she now turns it on and off either on a schedule or via voice.

I also got an Atomi Smart Heater, because my studio gets chilly in the winter. And its smart capabilities make life so much easier.

I'm sure Alexa will feel a lot less lonely when I'm not around now that she can hang out with all her new smart buddies.


This weekend the last door was painted. The last piece of furniture nestled into its new resting place. And I ran around my completed studio in circles making strange noises of delight. 

I am SOOOOO excited to be shooting my next video in the finished studio tomorrow. And the one after that. And the next video after that. And the one after that.....

Again, this step is not strictly necessary. Though, it is much more recommended than the panic attack step. 

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